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UFC 230: A Night of Thrilling Action and Unforgettable Moments



UFC 230 brought a night of intense battles, surprising victories, and unforgettable moments to the octagon.

The event featured a featherweight main event showdown between Sodiq Yusuff and Edson Barboza, while the co-main event showcased the flyweight clash between Jennifer Maia and Viviane Araujo

Let’s delve into the key highlights of the night.

UFC 230 Main Event Drama

In the main event, Edson Barboza‘s extensive experience in the octagon proved invaluable. The fight started with a bang as both fighters went all out, but Yusuff’s big right hand sent shockwaves in the opening seconds. 


However, Barboza displayed resilience and remarkable adaptability. He tactically targeted Yusuff’s body and unleashed a powerful right hand in the second round. 

The third round witnessed Barboza’s showmanship, featuring a stunning spinning wheel kick that left Yusuff in dire straits, although the finish remained elusive. 

Barboza ultimately triumphed with a unanimous decision and emerged as a testament to the impact of his UFC journey.

UFC 230 Fight of the Night Honors

The exceptional showdown between Barboza and Yusuff earned them the ‘Fight of the Night’ accolades. Both fighters showcased unwavering determination, with Barboza’s resilience after an early scare exemplifying the spirit of MMA. Their efforts were rewarded with $50,000 performance bonuses each, making it a memorable battle.


UFC 230 Performance of the Night

Notable mentions go to Jonathan Martinez and Michel Pereira for their outstanding performances. Martinez secured a TKO victory over Adrian Yanez with well-executed leg kicks in the second round. At the same time, Pereira made a remarkable middleweight debut, swiftly stopping Andre Petroski in the first round with a perfectly placed right hand. Both fighters earned well-deserved $50,000 ‘Performance of the Night’ bonuses.

Edson Barboza: A UFC Hall of Famer in the Making

Despite not yet capturing a UFC title, Edson Barboza has crafted a career that undeniably merits a future spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. Delving into the numbers, it becomes crystal clear why Barboza deserves this honor.

Over the past decade, Barboza has consistently faced the world’s top fighters, including Khabib Nurmagomedov, Justin Gaethje, and Tony Ferguson.

What truly sets him apart is his ability to push these elite fighters to the edge of defeat. He boasts an incredible nine Fight of the Night performances, a UFC record. Even more impressive, he’s emerged victorious in seven of those bouts, demonstrating his ability to shine when the stakes are highest.


With 18 total UFC wins and a highlight reel that’s the envy of the sport, Edson Barboza’s Hall of Fame induction is not a matter of if but when. His legacy as one of the most entertaining fighters in UFC history is undeniable.


UFC 230 was a night of captivating battles, remarkable comebacks, and fighter strategies that continue to define the essence of mixed martial arts.

 The event reminded us why the UFC remains the pinnacle of combat sports, with fighters showcasing their skills, resilience, and the ability to adapt when faced with adversity.

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MMA Fighters Who become a Movie Star



Ronda Rousey is a Moviestar

From The Ring to the Screen 

Several MMA fighters have successfully transitioned from the ring to the silver screen, showcasing their talents in the acting world. Conor McGregor recently starred in Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie Road House, and fans wondered if The Notorious would pursue a career in Hollywood after he hung his glove.

Conor McGregor may join the list of these multipotential individuals following his performance in Road House. However, look at some notable examples of fighters who became movie stars.

MMA Fighters Who Became Movie Stars

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey, the former UFC dominator, didn’t just conquer the octagon—she conquered Hollywood with a bang. The female MMA fighter is known as the “Rowdy One.” Her judo throws and armbar submissions made her a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s bantamweight division.


Beyond the cage, Rousey’s magnetic charisma and athletic prowess propelled her into blockbuster films like The Expendables 3, Furious 7, MILE 22, and Charles Angel. She shared the screen with legends Stallone and Schwarzenegger during the period and started her acting journey as Luna, a formidable brawler.

But the real showstopper? “Furious 7,” where Rousey’s character Kara spiced up the franchise and seamlessly showcased her ability to blend raw fighting skills with Hollywood stunts. 

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre, a UFC legend with two titles, smoothly transitioned from the octagon’s intense world to Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. Known for his exceptional skills as a former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion, St-Pierre’s venture into acting showcases his diverse talents.

MMA fighters

In the movies, he left a lasting impression as Batroc in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” His on-screen charm and impressive fight scenes received praise, proving that he’s more than just a force in mixed martial arts.


St-Pierre’s Hollywood journey extended to impactful roles in films like “Kickboxer: Armageddon, King of Killers, The Falcon and Winter Soldiers. All these contributed to the revival of classic martial arts movies.

While his acting career may not be as flashy as his fighting days, taking on supporting roles in films like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “Kickboxer: Armageddon, St-Pierre’s genuine dedication and natural charm suggest a promising future in the dynamic world of Hollywood.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is an MMA fighter with black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, and Judo. He went from winning championships to becoming a famous action star. 

Before the Chuck Norris jokes, he was a real martial artist, showing off his skills alongside Bruce Lee in “Way of the Dragon.”


MMA fighter

After his big break with Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris became a star in movies like “Missing in Action” and “Delta Force,” proving himself to be an action hero. He also played the lead in the TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

Chuck Norris goes from a fighter to a movie star, impacting martial arts and entertainment. 

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya, the boxing legend, didn’t just stick to the ring—he also gave acting a shot. After his successful boxing career, he appeared in movies like “The Fighter” and “I Witness,” proving he could go from boxing to the big screen.

While he’s not the most prominent Hollywood star, De La Hoya made a mark in films like “The Journey: Absolution” and “Lowlifes.” His charm and athleticism from boxing smoothly came through on screen, letting him try out different things in the entertainment world.


Even if acting didn’t reach the same level as his boxing success, Oscar De La Hoya’s Hollywood journey is an exciting chapter in the stories of fighters making it in the movies. It shows that athletes can succeed in unexpected places after their time in the spotlight.


Transitioning from the ring to Hollywood is demanding yet fulfilling for fighters. Ronda Rousey, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Norris, and Oscar De La Hoya exemplify this journey, demonstrating how combat sports skills can lead to thriving entertainment careers.

Their unique paths inspire future fighters to dream beyond the ring, embracing the allure of Hollywood’s spotlight.

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Kayla Harrison Biography



Kayla Harrison

Do you know Kayla Harrison? the new UFC signing? If you don’t, you are at the right place and time; we at Theweasel have you covered.

Sit back and read all there’s to know about the new UFC signing.

Kayla Harrison, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in Judo, transitioned to MMA with PFL in 2018. With a 10-0 record, she won the 2019 PFL women’s lightweight championship. Her contract with PFL ended in 2023, leading to a swift signing with the UFC.

Kayla Harrison Early Childhood

Born on July 2, 1990, in Middletown, Ohio, Harrison took judo at six, having been introduced to the sport by her mother—Jeannie Yazell, a black belt. She graduated from Middletown High School (Ohio).


She began training under coach Daniel Doyle and won two national championships by age 15. During that period, Doyle was sexually abusing Harrison, who reported it to another judoka, who in turn told Harrison’s mother. She subsequently reported this to the police.

Daniel Doyle was convicted and sentenced to a ten-year prison term. After the police investigation confirmed the abuse, she moved from her Ohio home to Boston to train with Jimmy Pedro and his father.

Judo Brilliance and Olympic Glory

Guided by Coach Jason Strout, Kayla clinched two national championships in judo by the age of 15. In 2010, she made history as the first American woman to win the World Championship gold medal.

Kayla Harrison.

Rio de Janeiro – A judoca brasileira Mayra Aguiar vence cubana na categoria até 78 quilos e ganha medalha de bronze na Rio 2016 (Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)

The success paved the way for her Olympic triumphs in London 2012 and Rio 2016. With a record of 130 wins and seven losses, Kayla is one of the most exceptional judoka in history.

Kayla MMA Career

In 2018, Kayla took on a new challenge by venturing into mixed martial arts (MMA). Her debut in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) was noteworthy, achieving an undefeated streak and clinching the lightweight championship in 2019.


She successfully defended her title twice, showcasing her outstanding judo skills and a seamless transition to MMA, marked by relentless wrestling and evolving striking.

Pivotal milestones in Kayla Harrison’s PFL journey

  • 2019 PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship
  • 2021 PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship
  • 2021 PFL Women’s Lightweight Semifinals
  • 2022 PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship
  • 2023 PFL Women’s Lightweight Championship

Her overall PFL record is an impressive 16-1-0, with 15 wins and just one loss. Kayla’s dominance in the PFL is underscored by multiple Women’s Lightweight Seasons victories, solidifying her professional record at a flawless 10-0.

Beyond the Octagon

Outside the fighting arena, Kayla is more than a champion—she’s a passionate advocate against child sexual abuse. Through her voice and the Fearless Foundation, she sheds light on the issue and empowers survivors. Her journey from overcoming challenges to achieving excellence is a global inspiration.

Kayla Harrison.

Kayla Harrison and her nephew and cousin.

In her personal life, Kayla’s engagement to Judo black belt and firefighter Aaron Handy in 2012 didn’t last. Her current marital status remains a mystery.

In 2020, Kayla became a dedicated parent to her niece and nephew, Kyla and Emery, taking full custody after her stepfather’s sudden passing.



As of 2024, Kayla Harrison’s net worth ranges from $1.5 million to $2 million. Her income stems from PFL winnings, endorsements with brands like Hatashita Sports, Celsius Energy Drink, and Fuji Sports, and sales of personal apparel.

Her career earnings exceed $1.5 million, and she earns $1 million per fight, with an additional potential of $1 million from winning this year’s PFL championship.


Kayla Harrison’s evolution from judo champion to double Olympic gold medalist is a testament to resilience and triumph. Beyond her athletic prowess, she fervently advocates against child sexual abuse through the Fearless Foundation.

In 2020, she assumed custody of her niece and nephew. The promise of her transition to the UFC adds another compelling layer to her inspiring narrative of overcoming the trauma of betrayal.

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UFC News:Conor Mcgregor and Ilia Topuria may clash in the future.




Conor McGregor is the villain in Jake Gyllenhaal’s Movie 

Conor McGregor, known for his UFC prowess, is gearing up for his acting debut in the Amazon exclusive “Road House,” alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, hitting screens on March 21. 

The freshly dropped trailer paints McGregor as a natural fit for action, breaking stuff, and going head-to-head with Gyllenhaal. His active role in the film’s promo and the earlier sneak peek through movie stills have set the excitement ablaze.

But amidst the glitz of Hollywood, McGregor still remembers his roots. He’s stepping back into the octagon for an 185-pound showdown against Michael Chandler come June’s international fight week. 


With dreams of becoming UFC’s first triple-division champ, McGregor is on a mission for a historic comeback after a stint on the sidelines due to a troublesome leg fracture.


As fans eagerly await McGregor’s return, there’s a hint of concern. Chandler’s recent knockout against Tony Ferguson gives him the edge in his current form. Focusing on defeating Chandler, McGregor temporarily parks his acting dreams. 

The question remains: Is “Road House” a one-off cameo for the Irish sensation? The answers unfold in June, where McGregor’s journey in MMA and the big screen takes center stage.

Ilia Topuria challenged McGregor to Madrid

Ilia Topuria, on the verge of a career-defining bout against Alex Volkanovski, isn’t just focused on the present.


Speaking passionately in Madrid three weeks before his championship fight, Topuria confidently predicts the UFC’s grand arrival in Spain by 2024. 

Ilia Topuria

His eyes are set on a colossal event at the Bernabeu, and there’s one name on his mind—Conor McGregor. Topuria, brimming with personality and belief, envisions a fight and a historic spectacle.

Describing a potential matchup with McGregor as a stepping stone to his legendary status, he acknowledges McGregor’s past glory and challenges.

For Topuria, beating McGregor is more than personal; it’s about etching his name in the annals of the sport.


The Spanish fighter paints a vivid picture of a roaring crowd, 60-70,000 strong, assembling for a historic showdown in Spain. 

Despite recognizing the unpredictability of McGregor’s future, Topuria’s challenge is clear: McGregor would have the “pleasure of fighting” him if he decided to stay in the sport.

Conor McGregor is in the 2024 anti-doping database.

The UFC world is excitedly buzzing as Conor McGregor’s name resurfaces in the 2024 anti-doping database, sparking speculation about his highly anticipated return to the octagon. 

Following the UFC’s split with USADA on New Year’s Eve, a revamped anti-doping program has unveiled 61 registered athletes, putting McGregor and Taylor Lapilus in the spotlight for their involvement in multiple testing sessions.


Despite McGregor dropping hints about a comeback during International Fight Week, recent remarks from UFC President Dana White have added an air of mystery, keeping fans guessing about the timing of McGregor’s return.

While an official comeback date remains elusive, Michael Chandler boldly positions himself as a potential opponent for McGregor, fueling spirited discussions within the passionate MMA community.

As McGregor’s name again takes center stage in the anti-doping records, fans eagerly anticipate official announcements, setting the stage for the next captivating chapter in the charismatic Irish superstar’s storied UFC journey.


Conor McGregor’s resurgence in the 2024 anti-doping database sparks buzz about his UFC return.


McGregor’s name dominates the MMA scene, from his action-packed role in “Road House” alongside Jake Gyllenhaal to potential matchups with Ilia Topuria.

Also, a successful career in Hollywood and UFC is an additional feather to his birdie cap. Plus, his fans will have another success story to read and write about. 

With The charismatic Irish icon’s return looming, everyone seems ready to take a pound of his flesh. And given his painful setback, we hope his return to UFC is nothing short of spectacular.

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MMA News Roundup



MMA news

WWE moves Raw to Netflix in monumental $5 billion deal

In a massive $5 billion deal, TKO Group Holdings, the powerhouse behind UFC and WWE, dropped a bombshell: WWE’s Monday Night Raw is making a big move to Netflix starting in 2025. This shakes things up after Raw’s 31-year run on regular TV and comes with a hefty $500 million bill each year, doubling the previous WWE-NBCUniversal deal.


The news caused TKO’s stock to soar by 15%, highlighting how significant this change is. Netflix gets Raw and takes charge of all WWE shows outside the U.S., including Smackdown, NXT, and WrestleMania. Mark Shapiro, TKO’s president, called this a game-changer, bringing WWE’s must-watch content to Netflix’s global audience. This move signals a shift from traditional TV as Netflix amps its competition with other streaming giants.

Now, the focus turns to the UFC. TKO is gearing up for a new broadcast deal since the current ESPN agreement wraps up in 2025. Negotiations are on the horizon, with TKO having talks with ESPN and exploring offers from others.

As WWE heads to Netflix, there’s uncertainty about the UFC’s future with ESPN. The WWE-Netflix deal sets the stage for some nail-biting negotiations deciding the UFC’s broadcasting path.


Kayla Harrison Moves to UFC

As a big step for her career, Kayla Harrison, a two-time champion with the PFL, has decided to move to the UFC. After being with the PFL for six years, Harrison’s choice to switch to the UFC marks a fresh and exciting chapter in her successful journey.

PFL CEO Peter Murray shared his best wishes for Harrison, recognizing her achievements as a two-time women’s 155 division champion. Murray also pointed out the significance of Harrison’s debut on the historic UFC 300 card, highlighting the talent fostered within the PFL.

However, amidst the positive vibes, there’s a bit of disappointment for the PFL. The highly anticipated clash between Kayla Harrison and Bellator featherweight champion Cris Cyborg, a bout fueled by years of verbal exchanges between the two fighters, didn’t materialize. 

The hopes for this much-talked-about fight took a hit as Harrison decided to take the UFC path. Murray regrets the missed opportunity but remains hopeful about the PFL’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and supporting women’s talent in the dynamic world of mixed martial arts.


Kayla Harrison set to face Holly Holm at UFC 300

Following her surprising move to the UFC, Kayla Harrison is included in the UFC 300 fight card. Harrison is gearing up for her UFC debut against former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm at UFC 300 in April. She’s scheduled to face former UFC champion Holly Holm at the upcoming UFC 300 pay-per-view event, but not in the featherweight class – this time, it’s in the bantamweight division.

MMA news

Questions arise about Harrison’s weight class transition, the potential impact on the bantamweight division led by Raquel Pennington, and the repercussions for the PFL, losing one of its prominent stars. Additionally, there’s speculation about the missed opportunity for a showdown with Cris Cyborg and the potential influence on Amanda Nunes and Julianna Peña.

As UFC 300 approaches, Kayla Harrison’s move to the UFC adds an extra layer of intrigue to the event. Stay tuned for the unfolding narrative in this significant debut.


The MMA news roundup brings you to what is happening in mixed martial arts. We mentioned the groundbreaking deal between WWE and Netflix and what it means for the UFC. Kayla Harrison changed homes for the first time when she joined the UFC. She is scheduled to face Holly Holm at UFC 300.



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Anthony Joshua to face Francis Ngannou in Riyadh



Francis Ngannou

On March 8, 2024, the boxing world will witness a clash of titans as Anthony Joshua takes on Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia. This bout marks a crucial moment in Joshua’s comeback after two defeats by Oleksandr Usyk.

While belts won’t change hands, both fighters are in for a substantial payday, and Joshua views this as his chance to reclaim his status as a heavyweight force. 

Expecting fireworks, Joshua emphasizes the significance of an intense training camp to challenge Ngannou’s mind and spirit, promising an explosive and captivating fight.

Epic Showdown: Joshua vs. Ngannou

The epic show is breaking away from tradition as it is set for a Friday night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Friday night is unusual for such an event, but it is to avoid a clash with the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix scheduled for the following day.


Anthony Joshua

While UK viewership details are pending, the pay-per-view event, expected to exceed £20, promises an exhilarating undercard featuring top fighters like Zhilei Zhang, Joseph Parker, Rey Vargas, and Nick Ball.

Beyond the ropes, the event challenges Joshua’s earlier dismissal of Ngannou as a “gimmick” in the heavyweight division. The meticulously promoted face-off in London underscores the surging influence of boxing in Saudi Arabia, with Saudi Minister Turki Al-Sheikh‘s commitment evident in groundbreaking plans for a card featuring fighters from rival British promoters.

Projections estimate the bout to generate around USD 70 million, with Antony Joshua expected to claim approximately 71.43% of the total PPV revenue, around 50 million.

What to Expect from the Epic Showdown

With a record of 27 wins and three losses, Anthony Joshua brings his thunderous punches and two-time unified heavyweight champion status into the ring. On the opposite end is Francis Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champ. He boasts a record of 17 wins, three losses, and one no-contest and is known for his knockout artistry.


A classic boxer-puncher, Joshua throws sharp jabs and powerful crosses, jazzed up with nimble footwork. Ngannou is an explosive striker and a knockout artist with a knack for brutal takedowns and relentless pursuit.

Strengths and Weakness

Joshua has superior boxing skills and agility, but watch out for his susceptibility to counters. Ngannou packs unmatched knockout power and tenacity but keeps an eye on his developing boxing technique and potential endurance hiccups.


In this style of collision, the outcome is anyone’s guess. My bet? A slight edge for Joshua by decision, banking on his boxing finesse. But let’s remember, Ngannou’s unpredictability might flip the script. Two to three clean shots are all he needs.

Predictions are just vibes; the real champ emerges under the lights. Brace for a thrilling bout between these giants, and may the best fighter steal the spotlight!


Full Card Details

Prepare for an unforgettable night of fights! The heavyweight clash between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou takes center stage, an event eagerly awaited by fight fans worldwide.

The co-main event features Zhilei Zhang against Joseph Parker in a heavyweight bout with potential division-shaking implications. Expect technical and hard-hitting battles for the WBC featherweight title with Rey Vargas facing Nick Ball and in the lightweight division with Mark Chamberlain against Gavin Gwynne.

Anthony Joshua

The heavyweights continue to make noise – Justis Huni, Ziyad Almaayouf, and Roman Fury promise raw power and explosive moments. Cruiserweight contender Roman Fury steps up against a yet-to-be-named opponent, while lightweight Jack McGann is poised for action, awaiting his challenger.


In the heart of Riyadh on March 8, 2024, the clash between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will not merely be a fight; it’s a historic moment. With a stacked undercard, a projected $70 million bout, and the anticipation of unforgettable moments, this event is poised to redefine heavyweight boxing. 


Brace yourselves for a night that transcends expectations and etches its place in history, where the essence of the sport unfolds in every electrifying exchange.


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Dricus du Plessis Biography



Dricus du Plessis, the first South African UFC champion, is a Welkom native known as “Stillknocks.”

At 30, he’s the current UFC Middleweight champion and holds the #8 spot in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings as of January 2024.

All of which solidifies his place among the UFC’s elite fighters. 

Dricus Early Life

The African Fighter was born in 1994, and started kickboxing at 14, transitioning to successful MMA stints before his UFC debut. 


Early on, he excelled in judo at five, and competitive wrestling at twelve. He secured South Africa’s first WAKO World Championships gold in K-1 kickboxing at 17, boasting a second-degree black belt. 

Dricus du Plessis


Despite financial constraints, Du Plessis shifted focus to MMA. His diverse athletic background includes rugby, a sport he passionately supports. 

Making history as a WAKO medalist, he brings a multifaceted skill set to the UFC, showcasing his prowess in various disciplines.


Dricus MMA Career 

Dricus du Plessis had a solid start in MMA with three amateur fights before going pro. He kicked off his career in EFC, snagging titles in welterweight and middleweight. 

After a stint in KSW with another welterweight win, he made a triumphant return to EFC before joining the big leagues in the UFC in 2018.

His debut was nothing short of spectacular, knocking out Markus Perez in just 43 seconds at UFC Fight Night 179.

Moving through the middleweight division, he took down big names like Brad Tavares, Darren Till, and recently Sean Strickland, bagging the UFC middleweight championship in January 2024. 


With a perfect 7-0 UFC record and an overall 21-2 standing, du Plessis shows his versatility with knockout, submission, and unanimous decision victories.

Despite a solid eight-fight win streak, his scheduled title bout against Israel Adesanya hit a snag due to a leg injury, bringing in Strickland. Who he later defeated to emerge as the new middleweight champion at UFC 297

Fighting Style

Dricus du Plessis’ UFC success boils down to his adaptable fighting style, merging grappling and striking from kickboxing, judo, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Dricus at UFC 297

As “Stillknocks,” he’s a strategic powerhouse, excelling in adjusting to opponents and delivering powerful strikes, leaving a mark in the middleweight division.


Beyond the Octagon

As of 2024, nailing down Dricus du Plessis’ net worth is like chasing shadows – estimates float around $1-3 million. 

Following his recent UFC middleweight championship triumph, the South African might be worth more.

Du Plessis didn’t just seize the title, he also pocketed a whopping $1 million for his headline clash against Sean Strickland

That’s a seven-figure windfall, covering his base salary, win bonus, and an extra $50,000 for delivering the Fight of the Night.


Du Plessis’ cash flow mainly gushes from his spellbinding performances in the octagon, spiced up with some tasty endorsement deals.

His endorsement deals include Ultimate Sports Nutrition, Vivify U, SuperSport, and Hennie. 

Marital Status

In the love department, du Plessis is playing it close to the chest. While gossip swirls, he’s not slipping a ring on anyone just yet. 

However,  Vasti Spiller, his partner, was unveiled by the UFC Embedded series. She’s not just a partner but also a boxing coach at CIT Boxing Studio.


She also owns a photography business and is an ambassador for the big-hearted folks at the B Loved Foundation.

Even though Dricus remains tight-lipped about his romantic escapades, Spiller occasionally spills the love beans on her Instagram, offering a sneak peek into the champ’s off-stage life.


Dricus du Plessis, the first South African UFC champion, carved a remarkable MMA career in promotions like EFC and KSW.

A former EFC Middleweight and Welterweight Champion, his aggressive style and dedication redefine South African resilience.

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UFC 297 News Roundup



UFC 297

Join me on the interesting trail of news, statements, and responses that follow UFC 297.

Sean Strickland humbly accepts defeat and appreciates his fans despite the hair margin between the scores.

Dana White was left in shock by the referee’s decision and Israel Adesanya is ready to match Dricus Du Plessis’s energy, in response to Dricus Du Plessis’s call-out following his victory at UFC 297.

Sean Strickland Speak up on UFC 297 loss

UFC 297 was quite a rollercoaster for Sean Strickland, who narrowly lost his Middleweight title to Dricus Du Plessis in a split decision. 


In the face of the disappointment, Strickland graciously thanked his supporters on social media, attributing a bloody eye to an alleged headbutt during the bout.

However, there’s no concrete evidence of the headbutt, and Du Plessis claimed he didn’t notice any such incident.

In the aftermath, Strickland, who earned the ‘Fight of the Night’ bonus along with an extra $50,000, reflected on the challenging night. 

Despite the setbacks, he maintained his belief in victory. Notably, even UFC bigwig Dana White sided with Strickland, asserting that he was ahead in the fifth round.


The defeat marked the end of Strickland’s impressive three-fight win streak since his surprising victory over Israel Adesanya in December 2022.

Both fighters kept it respectful in their post-fight interactions, and Strickland, known for his resilience, has plans to swiftly book another fight, with intentions to return to the cage by March.

However, Du Plessis, with two judges scoring 48-47 in his favor, expressed no awareness of a headbutt during the fight.

This claim introduced an element of uncertainty around the circumstances of Strickland’s cut.


Dana White disagrees with UFC 297 main-event decision

Dana White wasn’t thrilled with the UFC 297 outcome, showing clear discontent. Dricus Du Plessis claimed the championship after a gritty bout with Sean Strickland, leaving Strickland a bloody mess.

UFC 297

During the post-fight press discussion, White, visibly disapproving, highlighted the divided media scores and revealed he saw it tied at 2-2 before the final round. 

Despite acknowledging Strickland’s effective early moves, particularly his powerful jab. White eventually accepts the reality by saying victory must be earned by dethroning the champion. 

Du Plessis caught wind of White’s sentiments and dismissed them as “Bulls—t.”


Israel Adesanya responds to Dricus du Plessis

After clinching the middleweight championship at UFC 297. The victor wasted no time throwing down the gauntlet, challenging Israel Adesanya for his first title defense. 

Adesanya didn’t shy away, responding with a series of videos on social media. These clips showcased their past joint training sessions, a fiery face-to-face encounter at UFC 290, and a highlight reel from Adesanya’s glorious championship days.

Acknowledging the imminent clash, Adesanya eloquently stated, “This part of my story was written ages ago. Our paths are destined to cross again. Stay tuned for the next episode. Thanks for watching. We Write History.”

UFC 297

Their shared history includes a heated exchange in July following Adesanya’s victory over Robert Whittaker.


Although it appeared to set the stage for a potential future bout.

Adesanya took a hiatus after losing the title to Sean Strickland at UFC 293. 

Should everything go their way, the eagerly awaited showdown might unfold at UFC 300. Scheduled for April 13 in Vegas, and the possibility is high given that the official main event is yet to be confirmed.


UFC 297 ended on a resounding note with new champions. Sean Strickland humbly accepts his loss and Dana White has to accept the painful reality of Dricus Du Plessis’s victory. 


Israel Adesanya’s response to Dricus Du Plessis set the tone for an exciting UFC 300. We hope the duo will make the main card of UFC 300.

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UFC 297 Result



UFC 297 was the first UFC PPV fight of 2024 and like usual, UFC didn’t disappoint, it gave the expected rizz and vibes.

UFC 297 was a bang and that was for various reasons. The bang of shock that engulfed Sean Strickland when he realized defeat and the bang of Mike Malott hitting the canvas after Neil Magny came-from-behind technical knockout. 

All these added to the drama of the epic first show of 2024.

Let’s dive into the details of UFC 297 result


UFC 297 Fight Night Winners 

  • Dricus Du Plessis 

Dricus Du Plessis stole the show at UFC 297, clinching the 185-pound championship in a hard-fought battle that fell short of the dominant win he aimed for. 

Despite this, he extended his winning streak to an impressive nine, maintaining a flawless 7-0 record within the Octagon. Du Plessis not only claimed the title but also called out former champion Israel Adesanya, setting the stage for a potential blockbuster title defense in UFC 300’s main event.

  • Raquel Pennington

In another gripping storyline, Raquel Pennington, fondly known as “Rocky,” realized her championship dreams after a five-year journey. 

Overcoming past setbacks, including a defeat to Amanda Nunes at UFC 224, Pennington exhibited true grit in a challenging bout against Mayra Bueno Silva.

In spite of Silva’s close calls with a rear-naked choke, Pennington’s unwavering determination shone through. She is now on a six-fight win streak, Pennington stands atop the women’s Bantamweight division.

  • Neil Magny

Despite a challenging 2-3 win/loss record in the last two years, Neil Magny, a seasoned veteran, exhibited unwavering determination at UFC 297. 

UFC 297

Trailing 2-0 against the emerging contender Mike Malott, Magny showcased remarkable resilience in the third round, orchestrating an improbable come-from-behind technical knockout (TKO) victory. 


This inspiring performance not only secured a crucial win but also granted Magny a renewed lease on his combat life, steering clear of a potential second consecutive defeat.

Magny’s ability to dig deep and reverse the situation highlighted his tenacity and refusal to surrender in the face of adversity, earning him a well-deserved victory.

Losers of the UFC 297 Fight Night

  • Mike Malott

In his first major challenge against a seasoned veteran, Mike Malott initially dominated, securing a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes. 

Positioned for a second consecutive main card victory in Canada, Malott’s fortunes reversed in the final round. Neil Magny shifted gears, strategically grounding Malott, depleting his energy.

Defenceless and drained, Malott succumbed to Magny’s ground-and-pound, prompting the referee to halt the fight. The defeat not only ended Malott’s seven-fight unbeaten streak but also dashed his hopes of leaving a significant impression on the grand stage.

  • Sean Strickland

In a tense battle, Sean Strickland lost his title to DDP after five rounds, with Du Plessis winning the judges’ favour 48-47, 47-48, 48-47. 

Despite expectations, the fight started slow, and Strickland’s effective jab couldn’t prevent Du Plessis from scoring sporadic takedowns. 

UFC 297

Strickland’s title loss stings, with the outcome teetering on the edge. Before the match, Strickland, aiming to “fight for the kid inside,” in a bid to connect with his inner child due to the challenging relationship with his father. He walked out to “The Ants Go Marching.” but couldn’t secure a win. 

  • Mayra Bueno Silva

Mayra Bueno Silva, the UFC bantamweight contender,  loss to Raquel Pennington at UFC 297.

Despite a quick rise in the division, she faced a dramatic setback in the co-main event, losing by unanimous decision for the vacant UFC women’s bantamweight title.

UFC 297

Pennington disrupted Bueno Silva’s grappling-focused strategy with relentless clinch work and striking, causing frustration throughout the five rounds. 



UFC 297 was an exciting show though the result might not be what fans expected with Sean Strickland’s pre-fight conference and the high hopes of Mayra Bueno Silva.

Uncertainty characterized UFC fights and bloody UFC 297 upholds that view.


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