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Liverpool risk losing eight important players if they fail to act fast



Liverpool have a long list of players who are important to their season but are yet to sort out their contract issues as they near the expiration of their current deals at Anfield.

Most of them have just two years left which means the Red risk losing them if they fail to agree on a new deal with these players in the next few months.

While the Reds find it difficult, a task to defend the Premier League title as they are being hit with several injuries, there is a nee dot also confirm the stay of most of their star players before going out to bring in new ones in the coming transfer windows.

Mohamed Salah

The Egyptian international is top on the list as he is on the verge of becoming Liverpool’s top European goalscorer while being a key man for Liverpool ever since he arrived.

Mohamed Salah will be 31 by the time his contract expires. Should Liverpool allow his contract to expire and fund a succession plan or grant him a new and improved deal now? He might be running out of age but there are chances he could still be at his best come 2023 but definitely not at the same value. Liverpool have a decision to make on this.

Sadio Mane

The Senegal international shares the same situation with Mohamed Salah as there are just months difference between their age, and he is also a key man for Liverpool.

He is still useful to Liverpool, but how much of a risk can be taken on him by issuing him a deal after 2023.

Virgil van Dijk

The former Southampton defender is a year older than Salah. Liverpool cannot think of finding a successor for Virgil van Dijk at the moment because of how difficult it would be. This situation is very easy to predict a new deal for Virgil Van Dijk.

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian completes the list of the magic attack by Jurgen Klopp’s team that have contract dilemma. He is older than both Mane and Salah and has started dropping in his game. It is easy to predict that he would be shown the exit door now that he is still valuable.


Fabinho has established himself in Jurgen Klopp’s team and proven to be an important player by filling into the defensive role while having the ability to play in the midfield.

His versatile nature and age, give him the opportunity to be trusted for a new deal by Liverpool but the club must also act fast.

Naby Keita

He is a younger player as he would clock 26 in February next year. Knowing his usefulness, Naby Keita is one player Liverpool should hand a new deal to without wasting much time.

Jordan Henderson

There are already talks of retiring and becoming a coach as the club captain is one of the oldest in the team. The only reason why he could be handed a new deal is the influence he could have on the players both off and on the pitch.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

This former Arsenal player can still be trusted despite battling with injuries but he is a great player with a future at Liverpool. He would be 30 when his contract expires but he could be trusted with a new deal.

Xherdan Shaqiri

The possibility of handing a new deal to Xherdan Shaqiri is very unlikely despite finding his feet again at Anfield as he is almost 32 years old.


Liverpool backed to sign Kalvin Phillips



Former Arsenal winger Perry Groves has told Liverpool that signing Leeds United midfielder Kalvin Phillips is a necessity even if he costs £100million, because he would be a perfect fit for Jurgen Klopp.

Phillips has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past few years, with his performances helping Leeds establish themselves in the Premier League and England to reach the final of Euro 2020.

Phillips is under contract with Leeds until June 2024 and is unlikely to be moving on from his hometown club any time soon.

His rise in prominence was bound to come with more exposure to the rumour mill – and Groves has touted Phillips as a potential Liverpool player.

“Kalvin Phillips fits Liverpool perfectly,” he said on talkSPORT.

“The energy they play with, the closing down, his athleticism, his passing range.

“What would he cost? £100million.”

He added that “Before Kalvin signed his last contract, we had good interest so we sat down and explored all the pros and cons,” he told inews earlier this month.

“His desire was never to leave, it was to be rewarded and stay and play for the team he supported as a kid.

“Within the contract he signed in September 2019, we included provisions within it for if Leeds reached the Premier League, so it’s all set up for the top flight.

“We knew it was a bit of a gamble, but we knew Leeds would get there under Bielsa and obviously they did.

“There may be clubs who are actually looking at Kalvin now because the more successful you are – playing for England in big tournaments – naturally breeds interest.

“But Kalvin is happy at Leeds and has no desire to move whatsoever. It’s more a case of ‘carry on what you’re doing for club and country’.”

There is no doubt that Kalvin Phillips’ abilities have been more appreciated by Jurgen Klopp after seeing him at Euros 2020.

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Steve Nicol tells Liverpool what they must do to avoid failing this season



Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol has warned the club to move into the market and get a replacement for Georginio Wijnaldum who has left the club to join French Ligue 1 outfit PSG on a free transfer.

According to the former player, Jurgen Klopp might be considering Thiago Alcantara as a replacement but noted that the player is not capable of filling the box-to-box role that was perfected by the Dutch midfielder before his exit.

Recall that the 30-year-old was a major part of Liverpool’s recent Champions League and Premier League triumphs, making 237 total appearances for the club after joining from Newcastle United in 2016.

Nicol, who won nine major trophies with the Reds between 1981 and 1995, has implored his old club to sign a player capable of effectively replacing Wijnaldum rather than handing the opportunity to Thiago.

“It’s difficult to go right now and find a player,” Nicol told the ESPN FC podcast.

“But I still think they need to go and get somebody who can play the way that Klopp did before Alcantara came.

“We all thought Alcantara was coming to give that little edge with a pass forwards, be a little bit more cute, and as much as he can bring that, I think that affects the middle three defensively.

“Teams were getting at Liverpool’s backline far too easily, the last six months of last season in particular with the injuries.

“I don’t have a player in my mind right now where I would say: ‘Go and sign this guy’. I just have a question [about] Alcantara as the man between Fabinho and Henderson.

“I think [Curtis] Jones can get better and do it eventually. I’m just not quite 100 per cent right now that, with what they have, they’ll be able to get after City.”

Meanwhile, Thiago has already declared that his influence has been restricted by playing in a deeper role at Liverpool, suggesting last month that he feels more comfortable as an attacking playmaker.

“I would say it [my ability to create] has been more limited because of a positional issue,” the midfielder told L’Equipe.

“If I play No 6 instead of No 10, I’ll have less room to manoeuvre, less freedom to dribble, because I’ll have to take fewer risks.

“In the history of football, strikers have always been admired more than defenders. Because a defender can’t make a mistake, unlike the striker.

“So, for me, it’ s a question of position.”

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Liverpool fans given fact about Henderson



 Danny Murphy has assured Liverpool fans that they need not be worried about the future of Jordan Henderson at Anfield.

He gave this assurance after reports on Monday claimed uncertainty over the Reds captain’s future at Anfield, with no progress about a new contract made.

Henderson has made 392 appearances for Liverpool in a decade at Anfield and has two years left on his current deal, making the fans scared as there is no contract extension yet.

But Murphy isn’t worried, and fully expects Henderson to end his career in a Liverpool shirt.

“I don’t think his contract is a problem,” he told White and Jordan on Monday.

“If he’s got two years left, he loves the club, the club loves him, the fans love him, they adore him.

Henderson led Liverpool to glory in the Premier League in the 2019/20 season.

“He’s not going to be looking to go anywhere else, he’ll be looking to finish his career at Liverpool, there’s no doubt about that.

“And he has got plenty left in the tank.

“Jordan is a phenomenal leader and his progression over the years has been amazing. To go from being bit-part under Brendan Rodgers and then being the mainstay of the team, becoming the leader, the first captain of Liverpool to win the Premier League in 30 years, to take the team to a Champions League final…

“What he’s become is a sensational captain for a wonderful team and he deserves everything he gets.

“To actually elevate his game to a point where the admiration was coming from everywhere, and deservedly so.

“He’s very unique, he’s in the latter stages of his career and can still play in a number of positions equally as well.”

Murphy reckons Henderson may well even be offered a coaching role at Liverpool once he hangs up his boots.

He added: “I don’t think there’ll ever be a problem with Jordan sorting out a new contract at Liverpool.

“I don’t think we’ll ever get to a problematic area in this. It’ll just be smooth and seamless.

“He is appreciated and I think Jordan will see out his future at Liverpool, no problem.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he goes along the route of doing his coaching badges, maybe within the academy at the club.

“He’s built a foundation there, he’s been there that long where he’s kind of an adopted one of their own. I know he came from Sunderland, but he’s become ingratiated with the club and the ethos of the club.

“So I think he’ll be there for a long time, I don’t see it coming to an end soon.

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