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Israel Adesanya revealed he wants everything



Israel Adesanya

In his attempt to win undisputed UFC gold, Niferia born Israel Adesanya is not satified just limiting his vision to what is directly in front of him. few days ago, he told Irish website The MacLife that he his set on fighting UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones in Las Vegas in 2021.The next day he was heard telling Australian-based Submission Radio that he wouldn’t mind abadoning the 205-pound division to move forward to a super fight with heavyweight UFC champion Stipe Miocic. In the same interview, Adesanya confirmed he wants to be bigger than Conor McGregor.

“I’m coming for those numbers as well,” he said.

Israel Adesanya has his sight on him. That trait is not unusual for fast-rising contenders. What has stood apart for him so far though, is his ability to quickly reach each new rung of the ladder. How rapidly did he navigate a path toward the top? His UFC debut was barely a year and a half ago, and he’s already fighting for the belt. By comparison, McGregor took a year longer to get his first undisputed title fight.

While Adesanya’s enthusiasm is to be admired, fans who wonder whether he’s overly ambitious have reason to question whether his focus has flickered too far into the distance. There is an entire graveyard of fighters who while preparing for a key fight, voiced a goal of becoming multi-division champions and sport-transcendent superstars. Most, however, waited until they at least captured a first belt. And most, of course, never reached their objective.

Adesanya has so far seemed immune to the things that sideline these sorts of quests — pressure, politics, and opposition chief among them. But one thing we know is that starting at UFC 243, everything changes for him.

Everything gets ratcheted up, expectations rise.

For his first act, he will step foot into Marvel Stadium — yes, it’s named after the iconic superhero brand — in an event that is predicted to break the UFC’s all-time attendance record. Over 56,000 are expected to pack the stadium in what is set up to become a star-making performance. All he has to do is win.

For Adesanya to take the next step in his plan, he’ll have to do it against an MMA opponent that is more complete and in his prime than anyone he’s yet to face. So far this is his UFC hit list: Marvin Vettori (3-2-1 in the UFC), Brad Tavares (current No. 12 middleweight), Derek Brunson (No. 9 middleweight), Anderson Silva (unranked but aging legend), and Kelvin Gastelum (No. 4 middleweight). That’s a decent collection of scalps, but Robert Whittaker stands a level above. He has been excellent since moving to middleweight eight fights ago, and hasn’t lost in over five years. At 28 years old, he should also be in his athletic prime, although he has suffered through a slew of health issues including knee, hamstring and abdominal injuries. He has also openly discussed a battle with depression.

It is the last of those that is perhaps the most concerning for fight fans, although Whittaker’s willingness to discuss the subject at least suggests he has positively addressed the issue.

If Adesanya sees Whittaker as vulnerable, he only needs to look back at Whittaker’s ferocious battles with Yoel Romero for evidence of the current champion’s mental fortitude. In the first fight between them, Whittaker lost the first two rounds and in the process, aggravated an existing leg injury that made his base unstable for the remainder of the bout. With a compromised body and no room for error, Whittaker rallied over the last three rounds to take the fight and earn the championship. In the rematch, Whittaker broke his right hand barely a minute into the fight and gutted out a decision win. The champ has guts.

His courage combined with Adesanya’s flamboyance make this matchup riveting. Both fighters excel in the striking realm, but through contrasting styles. Adesanya is a master of feints and flash, of forcing reactions and creating openings. Whittaker is a bit more fundamental in his approach, concentrating on well-executed basics such as double jabs, the straight right hand and the front kick. He is technically proficient and tactically complete.

How these dynamics will play out in real time is quite literally anyone’s guess. The fight’s odds are currently a virtual tossup, and that’s what makes the fight so intriguing. Bundled within is the Australasian rivalry between the two, and ultimately, the potential ascension of Adesanya to the star status he covets.

Adesanya certainly has the makings of someone special. He was born in Nigeria and spent some time in Ghana before moving to New Zealand as a teenager. He started training after being bullied, and credits his dancing background with his fancy footwork. He once dreamed of becoming an animator, but instead gravitated toward kickboxing, where he compiled a 75-5 record before transitioning into MMA. He has a quirky but charismatic personality, traits that seem to be reflected in his unique fight style.

While he is serious about his craft — he remains unbeaten at 17-0 — he is a natural showman and entertainer. That has helped create a bit of an aura around him, as has his ability to turn a phrase to cameras and recorders. He memorably announced himself as a contender well over a year ago by telling the middleweight division, “I’m the new dog in the yard, and I just pissed all over the cage.”

So far, his bravado has gone unbowed. Whittaker has the goods to set back Adesanya’s dreams, but if you believe in destiny, the prospect of Adesanya evolving to the next level of his powers in a superhero arena before a mega-crowd of onlookers, well that seems downright preordained as the perfect site for the first stage of world domination.

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There is never been this much inactivity in MMA, Andrade’s Onlyfans #ufc



jessica andrade

Jessica Andrade has decided to show a different side of herself through OnlyFans, despite an unexpected surprise, shes happy with the response so far.

“Bate Estaca” joined OnlyFans a few months ago under the advice of her wife Fernanda Gomes to make extra money after moving full-time to Las Vegas, but nude photos of her have leaked and gone viral recently in Brazil.

“I wasn’t upset because I already imagined it could happen,” Andrade told MMA Fighting. “I’ve seen that happen to other fighters as well. … I wasn’t upset because I did all this knowing that it would leak eventually.

“I’m 30 and my body won’t look pretty for the rest of my life, so we have to enjoy it while it’s nice. No one will want to see it later. [Laughs.] Better use it now, then when it’s gone. But I wasn’t upset. I thought it was funny because people did a lot of memes.”

Andrade said that “life has taught me a lot,” especially after she announced to the world that she is a gay woman. Dealing with prejudice and backlash, the UFC star said, has prepared her to live life without paying too much attention to negative energy.

“If I had done [those photos] against my will, it would’ve been different,” Andrade said. “But I did that knowing it would probably happen. Not everyone is honest with you all the time. The photos were a package to one person but you don’t know this person’s heart and nature, and unfortunately that happened. But it was a learning experience. So we do photos now, but only to the right people and the right way.”

At least the unpleasant surprise was preceded by a nice check.

“I paid off my car and six or seven months of rent [in Las Vegas] in advance,” she said. “I haven’t even used the money of my last fight’s purse. I was able to pay my bills in Brazil, help my family and help Fernanda’s family with OnlyFans’ money.

“It’s nice when you check your account and see the money is still there. You’re like, ‘My God, I’m buying a lot of stuff on Amazon, my house is like a market right now, and the account remains the same. … Even though the photos have leaked, it was only four or five photos.”

Andrade says she hasn’t posted anything on OnlyFans for some time since she’s currently in camp for her flyweight bout with Cynthia Calvillo on Sept. 25, her first octagon appearance since challenging Valentina Shevchenko for the UFC title, but plans on resuming her posts after that.

Aside from the money she was paid for those leaked pictures, Andrade said she was able to pay off her house in Brazil and begin renovating her mother’s house through the platform.

“People think OnlyFans is just porn, but it’s not only that,” Andrade said. “It’s a platform to show your daily life, your fights, the things you do. I’m very happy with OnlyFans.“

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BREAKING! Max Holloway vs Yair Rodriguez OFFICIAL on July 17



max holloway

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BREAKING! Charles Oliveira TURNS DOWN Nate Diaz…..WHY?!



“I can not defend him,” Charles Oliveira says turning down Diaz, he says in a quote “no interest homie”.

It is unbelievable, no one would have ever thought that Nate Diaz could be given this kind of opportunity. Nobody thought Nate would call out Charles Oliveira of all people when does a star of the sport call out someone that the ordinary fans barely know. Charles is going to be passed up they’re going to pit together the winner of Conor emporia versus the winner of Michael.

chandler and geisha, in fact, that gagey chandler fight is going to happen that’s just how it works man when you have so many stars in one division

These are the two fighters the UFC is most definitely going to put together and there is a mini-tournament going on.

Oliveira is the only one that’s discontinuing his participation while everyone else in that top five is moving forward and looking alive.

He sits there while everybody moves forward and he’s like where is the belt that is what’s going to happen in the future as well with everybody taking fights and him sitting out. He’s going to wonder why he got passed by why is pory fighting for the belt why is Conor fighting for the belt and why are they fighting chandler or geisha, I deserve a title shot.

They are all trying to secure that title shot because nobody’s fighting for the belt right now no but he is Habib still has it and beating Nate Diaz would have been perfect for Charles Oliveira

Nate Diaz is not a contender like these other guys are, he’s not one of the best fighters of the 155-pound division but the difference with fighting Diaz is that it gives you more exposure. It gives you a little bit more of that star power than chandler would or geishi would have.

it’s an easier fight as well it’s the easiest path to a title win for Charles Oliveira as he has the winning streak he has some names in that streak he has the skills all that stuff the only thing he doesn’t have is the star power.

He is the least known fighter of the top five if he had some exposure if he had some star power he’d already be in consideration to fight for the belt one hundred per cent.

he’d already been the guy and they will not pass him up. look at it like this, Tony Ferguson for a long time he had to go on a 10 win streak or so in order to actually be put up against the champion but now there are more fighters with bigger names than there were in the past.

it’s going to be even harder for ali vera to get that title shot if he keeps going with the way he’s going there’s a reason why they’re trying to pass them up with chandler because he is way more marketable he only has one win in the UFC against dan hooker.

one win over dan hooker and they’re ready to push him in front of Charles Oliveira and it’s only because of the mark ability, the way he fights fan-friendly style all that stuff he talks well he has the full package so chandler needs one more fight.

If the belt is not on the line Chandler is only fighting to keep his spot so why not have a little bit more on top of that why not fight for the star power for the exposure that he needs that’s the only thing he’s lacking, and that’s a huge opportunity lost for Charles Oliveira because this isn’t the meritocracy he thinks it is this isn’t “oh I beat the top contender now I get a total shot”, that’s not how it works anymore it hasn’t worked like that for the last six to seven years especially when the top of the division that you’re in has stars in it, stars that get special treatment from the UFC that’s just how it’s gonna be and that’s how it’s always has been

I respect the way he’s trying to go about things, but he’s only gonna get passed up. He turned down Michael chandler in the past his explanation was I want the belt same explanation he gave for the Nate Diaz rejection. This is different than what dana said that Charles didn’t want to fight Michael chandler because it was on short notice that’s not what Charles Oliveira said, he said I’m not gonna fight that guy because he doesn’t give me the belt that’s it but the thing is he’s not going to get that title shot right, now nobody is.

hopefully for him now they re-offer the chandler fight because that’s the only fight that will get him that title shot now watch how they are turning down Nate Diaz, turning down Michael chandler they’re gonna offer maybe another countertop contender maybe a dan hooker or something he’s gonna turn that down and watch them start offering guys like islam guys to build their name off of his because he’s not willing to fight the top contenders or as dana would say Charles just doesn’t want to fight I mean it tells you something that Dustin Poirier calls out Nate Diaz while Charles Oliveira turns down ads that shows you a difference in mentality there.

Dustin gets it Charles does not. I’m not trying to beat chill Sonnen over here and just bash this guy but I really think this was a big mistake from Charles.

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