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Anthony Johnson Slams Paulo Costa Over Recent Comments On UFC Return



Ex-UFC light heavyweight challenger Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson has hit out at Paulo Costa over his recent comments about his return to UFC.

Paulo Costa known as the Brazilian bomber is the recent middleweight challenger following his fight with title holder Israel Adesanya.

Anthony Johnson launched a scathing attack on Paulo Costa for his comments on his return to the big time.

According to him, Paulo Costa needs to maintain a low profile following his embarrassing loss to Israel Adesanya.

Paulo Costa (13-1 MMA) had put his undefeated mixed martial arts (mma) record on the line vs. title holder Israel Adesanya in September. In the end, he was easily beaten by his Nigerian opponent as he failed in the bid to dethrone the UFC middleweight title holder at UFC 253.

In his response to the comments from Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, Paulo Costa told him to shut up and that he doe not know his weight class via a statement on Twitter.

The Brazilian bomber got his response to that statement with immediate effect as he was instantly replied by Anthony Johnson.

Paulo Costa was told to know his role by Rumble in response to the aforementioned statement from the recent UFC middleweight title challenger.

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BREAKING! Max Holloway vs Yair Rodriguez OFFICIAL on July 17



max holloway

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BREAKING! Charles Oliveira TURNS DOWN Nate Diaz…..WHY?!



“I can not defend him,” Charles Oliveira says turning down Diaz, he says in a quote “no interest homie”.

It is unbelievable, no one would have ever thought that Nate Diaz could be given this kind of opportunity. Nobody thought Nate would call out Charles Oliveira of all people when does a star of the sport call out someone that the ordinary fans barely know. Charles is going to be passed up they’re going to pit together the winner of Conor emporia versus the winner of Michael.

chandler and geisha, in fact, that gagey chandler fight is going to happen that’s just how it works man when you have so many stars in one division

These are the two fighters the UFC is most definitely going to put together and there is a mini-tournament going on.

Oliveira is the only one that’s discontinuing his participation while everyone else in that top five is moving forward and looking alive.

He sits there while everybody moves forward and he’s like where is the belt that is what’s going to happen in the future as well with everybody taking fights and him sitting out. He’s going to wonder why he got passed by why is pory fighting for the belt why is Conor fighting for the belt and why are they fighting chandler or geisha, I deserve a title shot.

They are all trying to secure that title shot because nobody’s fighting for the belt right now no but he is Habib still has it and beating Nate Diaz would have been perfect for Charles Oliveira

Nate Diaz is not a contender like these other guys are, he’s not one of the best fighters of the 155-pound division but the difference with fighting Diaz is that it gives you more exposure. It gives you a little bit more of that star power than chandler would or geishi would have.

it’s an easier fight as well it’s the easiest path to a title win for Charles Oliveira as he has the winning streak he has some names in that streak he has the skills all that stuff the only thing he doesn’t have is the star power.

He is the least known fighter of the top five if he had some exposure if he had some star power he’d already be in consideration to fight for the belt one hundred per cent.

he’d already been the guy and they will not pass him up. look at it like this, Tony Ferguson for a long time he had to go on a 10 win streak or so in order to actually be put up against the champion but now there are more fighters with bigger names than there were in the past.

it’s going to be even harder for ali vera to get that title shot if he keeps going with the way he’s going there’s a reason why they’re trying to pass them up with chandler because he is way more marketable he only has one win in the UFC against dan hooker.

one win over dan hooker and they’re ready to push him in front of Charles Oliveira and it’s only because of the mark ability, the way he fights fan-friendly style all that stuff he talks well he has the full package so chandler needs one more fight.

If the belt is not on the line Chandler is only fighting to keep his spot so why not have a little bit more on top of that why not fight for the star power for the exposure that he needs that’s the only thing he’s lacking, and that’s a huge opportunity lost for Charles Oliveira because this isn’t the meritocracy he thinks it is this isn’t “oh I beat the top contender now I get a total shot”, that’s not how it works anymore it hasn’t worked like that for the last six to seven years especially when the top of the division that you’re in has stars in it, stars that get special treatment from the UFC that’s just how it’s gonna be and that’s how it’s always has been

I respect the way he’s trying to go about things, but he’s only gonna get passed up. He turned down Michael chandler in the past his explanation was I want the belt same explanation he gave for the Nate Diaz rejection. This is different than what dana said that Charles didn’t want to fight Michael chandler because it was on short notice that’s not what Charles Oliveira said, he said I’m not gonna fight that guy because he doesn’t give me the belt that’s it but the thing is he’s not going to get that title shot right, now nobody is.

hopefully for him now they re-offer the chandler fight because that’s the only fight that will get him that title shot now watch how they are turning down Nate Diaz, turning down Michael chandler they’re gonna offer maybe another countertop contender maybe a dan hooker or something he’s gonna turn that down and watch them start offering guys like islam guys to build their name off of his because he’s not willing to fight the top contenders or as dana would say Charles just doesn’t want to fight I mean it tells you something that Dustin Poirier calls out Nate Diaz while Charles Oliveira turns down ads that shows you a difference in mentality there.

Dustin gets it Charles does not. I’m not trying to beat chill Sonnen over here and just bash this guy but I really think this was a big mistake from Charles.

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BREAKING! Yoel Romero RELEASED from the UFC, Nick Diaz returning



Yoel Romero mma ufc

We have some breaking news and it could be good news or bad news depending how you really look at it.

Yoel Romero has parted ways with the Ufc,  shockingly like out of nowhere, this was reported by Ariel Helwani.

Romero’s manager also confirmed that he’s no longer contracted and according to sources, Romero had three fights left on his deal, if you remember he was scheduled to fight Uriah Hall in August 22nd, but for some reason he pulled out of the fight.

We still don’t know exactly what happened, nothing has really been clarified as to whether he wanted to leave or
the organization wanted to release him, nobody really knows why this happened and what is going to happen but
according to his manager, he is already in talks with other promotions.

He said:

All the promoters definitely just woke out of bed and they’re all going to be fighting for him as soon as other promotions got word that yoel romero was out of the ufc. they are all going to throw money at him and yoel romero is probably going to be one of, if not the highest paid free agent mma fighters in history.

He also said:

Romero is competitive and can beat any of them, that is how crazy this situation is and i’m very happy for romero if this is what he wanted and the fact that he’s gonna get paid like crazy.

Romero versus hall would have been a big opportunity for hall but we probably know why Uriah fought Anderson Silva and is now put up against Chris Weidman, two guys that are much lower in rankings than Yoel Romero.

In other news, Ovince Saint Preux has missed weight for the first time in his professional MMA career, he missed weight by 1.5 pounds and that is a terrible sign coming into his fight, because if you get that close to the weight class it means it was a pretty bad weight cut and that is not good for his fight.

Tj Dillashaw slithered out of the grass to talk about what’s next for his future and he says that he deserves the next title shot at 135 pounds.

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